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Please note that all pricing of services listed below is based on length of hair, density, time to complete service and level of service provider.

Face Framing $100+

The service is for the client looking to add a pop of brightness to their face frame. Approximately 10 foils.

Please note this service must be booked with another color service.

Partial Highlights $135+

The service is for the client looking for subtle hair lightening and/or lowlights on the top and face framing portion of the head.

Full Highlights $160+

The service is for the client looking for more dramatic lightening and/or lowlights in sections all over the head in foil placement.

Bayalage $200+

The service is for the client looking for hand-painted highlights for pops of brightness and contrast throughout the hair for the lived-in look.

Pintura Highlights also available. This service is a unique bayalage color technique created by DevaCurl that is curl specific.

Root Retouch w/Lightener $150+

The service is for the client with a platinum blonde look needing their roots retouched with lightener and a toner. Regrowth up to one inch.

Toner $35+ (add on)

Most all highlighting services require a toner to achieve the ultimate look.

Rezo Lights $250+

A combination of woven highlights and balayage techniques designed for all curl types. Perfect if you want a look that is low maintenance with a seamless grow out that makes your curls POP!

Color Block / Peek-A Boo $130+

A technique that involves coloring a section of your hair in a contrasting shade, so it stands out against the rest of your hair, creating a look that’s eye catching and fun.